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❝ I'm thinking: my plant, his chair, the ashtray that we bought together. ❞

Arthur (and Eames) centric pic-spam of conjectured precanon up to the line of actual canon. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE COLLAGE. It got the fuck away from me....clearly....s-sob. Anyways....um yeah image heavy. Siken quotes too tiny to read but sob they're there. Gaiman quotes. Nin quotes. Pieces of collaborations. Yup. Yup. Yup.


***Dedicated to bycitylights, who I started this for um originally and who is wonderful in every possibly conceivable meaning of the word, and then some. Love, love, and more love.***

                                                                Relevant youtube link:

...So for those of you falling in love: keep it kind, Keep it good, keep it right.
Throw yourself in the midst of danger but keep one eye open at night.

                                                                Relevant poem:

The Archipelago of Kisses

N O T E S;
SO, I did this and then I started in on the canon pic-spam oriented toward them AND THEN story of my life got sidetracked and figured I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF PEOPLE WOULD WANT ONE since it's not like we HAVEN'T seen the same movie 8D;;;; s-so yeah. I can post what I have of that too if anyone's er interested though since /COBB SHRUG I do have it.

Some of it.


Gots to finish my Prince Caspian pic spam too weep ;_; 9uojewlkmfsdu9oijklmefds

All comments are love ❤

Um... :x ... 9uiojwtefsu9doijlk /SHUFFLES OFF feels like she needs to be stamped with Crazy possibly....

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