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26 November 2012 @ 02:50 am
By now it's pretty clear there's been a huge move to DW or the foregoing of many graphics-oriented communities in favor of Tumblr. So yes, as said before, all icons and such still get posted on Dreamwidth at our community...


BUT of newer note, I've finally started using Tumblr it only took 5gazillion leap years as well for random things which happen to not be 100x100 XD; Anyway for those interested:

( or click here )

recent heretics post (and i use the word 'recent' very loosely):
TDKR & SKYFALL : selina kyle + severine
LAWLESS : maggie + forrest
CLOUD ATLAS : various + chang
TOM HARDY : idk beardsssss

IN ABRUPT CONCLUSION, life has eaten me without mercy..... so uploading old stuff again has just become impossible ;_; i do apologize for the late response to all inquiries on that front abuh /buries head in the sand\ um did check on the E/A picspam which is at least still working...which is good 8X

any Arthur stuff or new e/a stuff for that matter will go the way of heretics or tumblr tho

♥ thanks always for looking, for commenting, all the -ings! /slides back to virtual hermitage

27 July 2012 @ 08:28 pm

mO_Om been a while..../brings the usual:

( The Dark Knight Rises : John Blake, Bane, Selina Kyle + Joseph Gordon-Levitt : GQ BEHIND THE SCENES )

Just as a note, the primary posts are ALL at ~HERETICS on Dreamwidth now... u_u larger character capacity per post annnnad yeah :xxx s-so if you have a DW and feel like following over there.... u.u <3

As always thank you for looking !!!
13 February 2012 @ 02:37 am

Ahhhpuejofsdupjolmefsd ....Been a while and now we've made the move to Dreamwidth but cross-posting to here as a reminder that we do still exist somewhat ;-; lmffldskjf if with heavily sporadic updates! Anyway, hope everyone's doing all right in the New Year!

✑ASA BUTTERFIELD (photoshoot + Hugo)(icons)
✑RACHEL HURD-WOOD (interview)(icons)
✒LILY EVANS (mini banners)
✑JGL & TH (icons)
✑STAR TREK (jim)(icons)
✑THE HUNGER GAMES (trailer)(icons)

( the rest of the things are this way - down the rabbit hole! )

04 February 2012 @ 04:03 pm
So a few months ago I came across this emote: on plurk and decided that it finally needed some friends.

I'm going to remake the Arthur head and do some of the other guys in the movie sometime in the future. SO, YEAH. IF YOU HAVE PLURK, THERE YOU GO I GUESS...

And if you've a like for rageface memes; &

Important! Also, Haku and her fabulous icons have moved to the DW comm [community profile] heretics if you prefer using Dreamwidth services! :)
17 December 2011 @ 12:00 am

ICONS AND a banner mO...Om

[X] JGL+TH [icons]
[X] FOREMAN from HOUSE [icons]
[X] THG icons & KATNISS [banner]

JGL and THCollapse )

HOUSE: ForemanCollapse )

THG: Icons and Katniss BannerCollapse )

TVD: ElijahCollapse )

✄ credit nice but not required
♥ comments are super kind iejskld and i appreciate those more than credit really /)_(\
✄ that said, either way, thank you for lookinggggg lkfjsdfsdupjikelsd ;;

15 November 2011 @ 11:46 pm

...so I'd been side-eying the hunger games movie forever and was prepared to be underwhelmed by the proper trailer and then BAM lol suddenly excited like:


YEAH so :/ icons and maybe banners soon....just icons for now though.

General note of THE OBVIOUS sob which is that I don't update this thing nearly enough ;_; and I was thinking about finally using tumblr but then I know I like LJ despite all its glitches haha weep so idk :|

✄ HUNGER GAMES (trailer) icons + banner
✄ JGL, TOM HARDY (various) icons
✄ arthur banner (inception)

May the odds be ever in your favour.Collapse )

I want your love and I want your revenge.Collapse )

-close to the nerve but you are so far away.Collapse )

✄ credit nice but not required
♥ comments are super kind iejskld and i appreciate those more than anything
✄ that said, thank you for lookinggggg lkfjsdfsdupjikelsd ;;


Fuuu oijweklfsdihuejkfd THAT MOMENT when none of the minimixes or spams want to come together and you are STILL awake at 6am and no one else is? ...well then icons happen i guess? :/

Meet me in the middle of the morning when the crows fly highest in the sky. Couldn't you hear me callin'? I was out lookin' for you all night. Oh, but I never found you, no matter how hard I tried to...Collapse )

Thanks for looking
Comments much appreciated @///@!

Other recent posts:
Dileep Rao, Tom Hardy (ICONS)
Perception (An Inception FANVID)

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25 September 2011 @ 11:27 am
So, uhm, made a fanvid for the first time. I apologize in advance for the terrible name but it's hard to title things :( Based off of an au concept;

Cobb's sanity has become so distorted after the death of his wife that he risks succumbing to the dream entirely. Concerned, Arthur seeks out Eames' help to remind Cobb of his reality: that Mal is dead, his children are waiting, and that the top should always fall. They decide to bring Cobb under with the reinforcement of memory - but his subconscious' defenses go off with the intrusion, leaving Arthur and Eames to try and prolong the dream as long as possible while Cobb relives the events surrounding Mal's death.

23 September 2011 @ 07:30 pm
Dileep Rao (50)
→INCEPTION, Drag Me To Hell

Tom Hardy (12)


credit unnecessary. NEEDED MOAR DILEEP.
06 September 2011 @ 01:01 am

How many nights were wasted in not sleeping, how many in sleep-I don't know how many hungers there are, how much radiance or salt, how many times the world breaks apart, disintegrates to nothing and starts up again in the course of an ordinary hour.
-kim addonizio

ANYWAY, ICONS AND ICONS THAT IS ALL ;_______; lmfflkdsjfdslfjdlssd

The Hunger Games.Collapse )

Warrior interview - Tom Hardy.Collapse )

JGL, Inception, etcCollapse )

Marion CotillardCollapse )


PLURK, variousCollapse )

Comments appreciated, credit not necessary, and thank you for looking ♥!!!

/Adds JGL later oh god X_____X;;; /)_(\