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( thought you'd always be mine, mine... )

Okayyyyyy apparently when I vent, I do it through Photoshop. Hence another post with basically no time in-between. Something's wrong with me, clearly. I should have NEVER watched Inception.



❱❱ a few random (icons)
❱❱ tom hardy, joseph gordon-levitt, e/a (icons)
❱❱❱❱ dom/mal, arthur&mal, arthur, eames/arthur (wallpapers)
Siken quote
random A corresponding E images :|


( 1440x900 ) | ( 1280x800 ) | ( 1024x768 )

( 1440x900 ) | ( 1280x800 ) | ( 1024x768 )

( 1440x900 ) | ( 1280x800 ) | ( 1024x768 )

( 1440x900 ) | ( 1280x800 ) | ( 1024x768 )

Comments appreciated as always, as is watching the community, etc, etc, etc.
No need to credit, just don't claim as your own.. etc, etc, etc

1. errrrr so the first row obviously from those summer camp pics floating about, annnnd the first is a random stock image I was forwarded in thought of E/A, younger obviously but hey 8) HISTORY~
2. um um um....every quote is RICHARD SIKEN except for, weirdly, the E/A one which would have warranted any number of his words and I almost used:

"Names called out across the water,
names I called you behind your back,
sour and delicious, secret and unrepeatable,

...but then obviously I didn't. Uh. Yeah. The quote actually used in the E/A wall is by J. M. Barrie *_* because I am a sucker for him and it worked too, so. I actually reuse it a lot for some reason with them. Huh. Anyways. Arthur one inspired by Crush obv the poem but pointed out by the brilliant fic located @ epistolic, linked I think in her profile and on a master-list. I'm sure everyone read it before me but WHATEVER I am slow >_>;;;

3. the last images were meant to go with a FST but then the greater reservoirs of my musical piracy were lost. So. DISCOURAGED, a bit I am just slotting those images up there because I can and don't think I'll remember I even have them by the time I get my music back ._. THAT said it feels lame to have album sized pics up there with NO music at all, so here have a throwback from my high school days, a local collaboration called Liquid Fist. They were brilliant and their sound remains so, at least to me. If you download this and decide to try just one song I suggest Patterns of Organic Energy or Redwood ( l i q u i d fist )

Tags: ☇joseph gordon-levitt, ☇leonardo dicaprio, ☇marion cotillard, ☇tom hardy, ✖stock, ➦inception, ➴banners/walls, ➴icons
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